Thursday, November 15, 2007



Aaron & Heather said...

Great work. I love the more intimate look.

I've been meaning to comment on one of your shoots for a while now. You do great work, keep it up.


John Edgar said...

So beautiful Jason... You gotta hook me up with her number! :)

Seriously though, excellent work, very beautiful.

Lauren said...

Claudia is one of my friends and she showed me her pics, so she gave me your name.She also said that you did alot of other senior pics from BSHS.I would like to know your rates and how to contact you so you maybe could possibly take my senior pics.Let me know how i can get an appointment set up. Thanks :)

Jason said...

Hi Lauren, The best way to reach me is through the website. There is a contact form there that I can be reached at. or you can just send me an email throuigh here